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Tap into the combined, unduplicated universe of buyers across all of the Appleseed’s Group properties: Appleseed’s, LinenSource, Monterey Bay and The Tog Shop.

Appleseed’s Group Masterfile
This masterfile offers updates with a great deal of transactional data including dollar, recency, and geographic selects. This is a great opportunity for catalogers, publishers, fundraisers, insurance offers and regional mailers to take advantage of this large pool of female consumers. Product selects newly available!

Appleseed’s Group Masterfile Enhanced
We have enhanced the group masterfile with Infogroup data for mailers that need to fine-tune their list segmentations. The file is selectable by dollar, recency, multi buyers and product categories combined with enhanced lifestyle and demographic information such as pet owners, travel, golf, computers, personal finance, ethnic markets, and much more. UPDATED MONTHLY!


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